Day I – Monday, May 30, 2016
8h30 Welcoming participants  

SESSION1: Formal opening


- Address by the AUC Representative

- Address by the Representative of Producer Organisations, Civil Society, Gender Network and Private Sector

- Address by the ECOWAS / DAEWR Commissioner

- Address by the Secretary General of the Minister of Agriculture of Senegal (ECOWAS Presidency)

- Opening speech by the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development of Côte d’Ivoire


Presentation on the workshop objectives, expected results and agenda

Amendments and validation

Hub Rural

A reminder of the context, objectives, main orientations and principles of the ECOWAP 2025 process      

10h00 Coffee/tea break  

SESSION 2: The Malabo commitments


The Malabo orientations: presentation of the implementation strategy, the simplified guide for the NAIP preparation, the biennial assessment framework and risk analysis

11h00 Discussion  
12h45 Wrap-up: implications for the ECOWAP/CAADP 2025 process Hub Rural
13h00 Lunch break  

SESSION3: Joint review of the agricultural sector

14h30 Presentation on the objectives, expected results and organisation of the session Hub Rural
  A reminder of the joint review process: purpose, strengths, principles, etc. DARD/ReSAKSS-WA
  Presentation and discussion of main findings of the review IFPRI
16h15                          Coffee/tea break  

Work in three (3) groups:

- Group 1: State and quality of the review process - baseline

- Group 2: Policy discussion and institutional review

- Group 3: Review of commitments (DPP/CAN)



ECOWAS/Africa Lead

18h00 Break for the day  


Blue Flower

Financial and logistical support


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